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Billon’s archives date back to 1904.

Billon Design is specialized in creation, development and production of various knitted fabrics : Swimwear, ready-to-wear, lingerie.

Fully integrated in knitting and dyeing in the Lyon area (France), Billon Design offers a wide range of synthetic lycra® knitted articles.


Billon Design is worldwide known for its creativity :

Plain color microfiber – placed stripes – structured jacquards – microfiber crochets – stretch laces – 3 D fabrics – stretch fishnets – multicolored zig-zag patterns – ponchos.


All these fabrics are developed from a large range of synthetic yarns and from a general polyamid color card especially worked out for its aspect and hand feel. 


Billon Design places its knowledge at the service of its customers for everybody to adapt its product to its universe (style, color, pattern…)

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